All Small and Medium Dog Breeds and All Cat Breeds.

We work with small to medium size dog breeds and cats. We specialize in older cats and dogs who need special attention, nervous pets who need careful handling and rescued animals who need an extra gentle touch. We are well versed in helping animals with a history of trauma or abuse.

To Make your pet feel most comfortable and to make grooming your pet more convenient, we come to you. The grooming takes place after a brief consultation to answer any questions, and assess the skin and coat to determine the best service and style for your pet. Only gentle and Natural pet products are used and we are happy to use any special shampoos conditioners or spritzes you might have been prescribed or recommended.

Your pet will receive a breed standard or one of a kind custom hair style to your specifications. All haircuts are tailored to the physique and lifestyle of your pet, for comfort, confidence and fashion.

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